Ventures in Design and Architecture


  • YEAR: 2023

On a sloping plot by the central town square in Åre Vida has designed two buildings connected by a single storey link.

The two buildings form a mini-block within the city fabric. Allowing spontaneous interaction when going to or from Åreskutan, which, from our experience offer the best skiing in Sweden. Different levels of access, shops and/or cafés towards the street together with a dynamic facade of Thermowood pine and rusty corten steel gives a lively and patinated elegance. The materials that are used establishes the buildings connection to Swedens natural resources, wood and steel.

Between the two larger buildings a smaller link offers a natural gathering point and creates an inner sanctum for the inhabitants.

The apartments are all designed with light from at least two direction making the most of the little natural light that is offered in Åre during winter. By opening up the corners the buildings profile is slimmed in order for it to be even more vertical in perception.