Ventures in Design and Architecture

Högdalens Skatepark

    Sweden’s largest skate park
    The City of Stockholm, sports division

A project developed and designed along with Stockholm Sub Surfers and Aperto Arkitekter for the City of Stockholm.

Pillar Design Studios, LLC are the Skatepark Designer and specialist for this Project.

The Park is a large Skate park area containing a number of smaller parks, each of which shall focus on different types of skateboarding.

An important part of the effort in developing of the skate parks has been the planning for future development of the park. All the individual parts which are carried out in the park should be fully operational from day one, while still contributing as per 100% when the park evolves and grows. Fully developed, the skate area would become Europe’s largest skate park.

VIDAs assignments have been to evaluate the area, to through investigate and design the overall plan, the coordinating between the various consultants and designers to make sure the vision of the park is maintained by the project, assistance in procurement of Skate Designer/ contractors, and together with Sub surfers, plot and plan the so-called ditch. In addition, VIDA investigated the potential of an indoor hall in the park.