Ventures in Design and Architecture



Near the City of Bayuquan – the natural
peninsula of XienRenDao offers natural
forests and immaculate beaches
combined with seasonal climate and a
profound cultural significance.
Our proposal will not solve the
difficulties involved in turning such a
beautiful piece of nature into a public
park but it shows a way to make this
transition and still retain the embedded
ancient values for generations to come.
The main purpose of this proposition
is to concentrate the built
structures to a central axis in the valley
between the hilltops. Not only will
the contrast between built structures
and wild nature be more tangible and
enhance the visitors experience of both
but this also brings a powerful dynamic
in dense public spaces verses individual
The beaches and bays to the east and
west of the peninsula are the most
populated and lively while the south
and north ends remain calm and wild.
The XienRenDao Experience is an
experience of nature and therefore an
ecological approach is taken into all
aspects of the park. XienRenDao will be
a climate neutral park.
The XienRenDao is where you take your
family for a weekend holiday or just
a picnic on the beach. This is where
you take your loved one for a romantic
dinner or where you arrange a grand
The XienRenDao Experience is a an
experience of good health, luck and
well being at all stages in life.